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NiCE: Robust Navigation in Changing Environments

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In progress 2021 - 2024


Martin Magnusson

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In a world where robots are ever more deployed outside of controlled static environments such as labs or fenced-off factory areas, it is increasingly necessary to robustly navigate in changing environments. That need can be satisfied through enabling robots to monitor and assess their own long-term performance as well as to learn patterns of dynamics. That will benefit robot deployment in industrial and household context. In this project, ORU researchers in cooperation with Electrolux and Kollmorgen Automation will delevop methods for introspection in terms of measuring and maintaining map and localisation quality, and deploy them in both industrial (warehouse trucks) and domestic (vacuum robots) settings             

                  Robots in dynamic environment shared with people, both domestic and industrial, need to be aware of their own performance and the activities of people around them, and resilient to failures

Research funding bodies

  • The Knowledge Foundation