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The TAPE study. Pain associated with the use of medical adhesives

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In progress 2022 - 2024


Mats Eriksson

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A medical adhesive is a product used to attach an external component (e.g., tape, plaster, dressing, catheter, electrode, ostomy bag, patch, etc.) to the skin. Medical adhesives in "stick-to-skin applications" are used millions of times daily in all patient populations. Clinical experience has shown that removal of these adhesives can damage the superficial layers of skin when removed along with the adhesive product. Not only does this compromise the integrity of the skin, but it can also cause pain and risk of infection, enlarge the wound, and delay healing, all of which affect the patient's quality of life. Children, older persons and other vulnerable groups are particularly sensitive to this, but it is often neglected by the health service and little studied. The TAPE study will examine the nature and extent of pain associated with medical adhesives in four sub-studies: 1) an integrative literature review, 2) a survey of healthcare facilities on knowledge and awareness, 3) an observational study of healthcare routines, and 4) an interview study with children and parents. The TAPE study will identify knowledge gaps and serve as a basis for improving routines and adhesive materials.

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Research funding bodies

  • Mölnycke Health Care AB


  • Hannelore Hofman, Ghent University
  • Samal Al Gilani, Högskolan Dalarna
  • Sara Johansson