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SCENTR: Swedish Centre for Skin and Wound Research

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Dimitri Beeckman

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Logo research team SCENTRThe Swedish Centre for Skin and Wound Research operates within Örebro University's School of Health Sciences. Collaborating internationally with the Skin Integrity Research Group (SKINT) at Ghent University, our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to establishing a robust foundation of evidence for skin and wound care. Our goal is to aid clinical decision-making by addressing crucial research questions. Our work spans various demographics, including the elderly, critically ill, and those needing personal care assistance. We conduct thorough research into skin integrity and wound epidemiology, evaluating treatment interventions' efficacy, effectiveness, and efficiency. Furthermore, we develop strategies for implementing evidence-based practices in skin integrity and wound care at local, national, and global levels, encompassing prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and quality enhancement programs.

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Doctoral students at Ghent University connected to the research team: 

Hannelore Hofman, Charlotte Raepsaet, Anika Fourie 

Research funding bodies

  • Mölnycke Health Care AB
  • Swedish Research Council