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New motives for the citizen's home preparedness?

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In progress 2022 - 2023


Mats Eriksson

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Krislåda och foldern Om krisen eller kriget kommer.Photo: Thomas Henrikson, MSB

The research project study´s citizens' "new" arguments and motives regarding involvement in home preparedness issues, in light of the preveling pandemic and the new security situation in Europe.

More and more home preparedness courses are being arranged and the number of participants seems to have increased. What are the motivations for the participants' involvement? And how do participants view their own responsibilities and what do they expect from society when it comes to crisis preparedness? In the project we expand the theoretical knowledge about the complexity of active home preparedness campaign publics in ages of fear and uncertainty. 

The project is carried out through participatory observations, in-depth interviews, and social media analyses. 

Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency