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Urinary catheter management in connection with hip surgery

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Patients undergoing hip surgery, either due to osteoarthritis or following a hip fracture, are usually treated with a urinary catheter during surgery. Postoperative urinary problems, such as urinary retention and urinary tract infections, are common among these patients. According to the results of systematic reviews, there is a lack of knowledge about how the urinary catheter should be handled in a safe manner to avoid these problems. It is therefore of great importance for patient safety to explore methods for urinary catheter management. Above all, there is a need of health economic studies that examine costs and health outcomes for patients and for health care, but there is also a need for studies that describe the patients' perspective on urinary catheterization.
The aim of the project is to compare and evaluate methods for urinary catheter management in patients undergoing hip surgery. The project comprises four studies: study I have a comparative design and examines risk factors and consequences of nosocomial urinary tract infections; study II is a randomized controlled trial (RCT) and examines methods for removal of the urinary catheter; study III is an RCT evaluating the effects of intermittent and indwelling urinary catheter treatment including a health economic evaluation; study IV is a qualitative study that describes patients' experiences of urinary catheterization in connection with hip surgery.
The project has clinical relevance, as the results of the studies can be used as basis for nurses’ decisions about urinary catheter management after hip surgery. The project is carried out in cooperation between the Department of Orthopaedics, Örebro University Hospital, and the School of Health and Medical Sciences, Örebro University, Sweden.


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