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Narcolepsy after vaccination against the swine-flu - trust in health care and the role of social media

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Karin Blomberg

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Vaccination with Pandemrix® led to an increased risk of developing narcolepsy. Affected children, adolescents and their families often describe their situation in different social media. The purpose of this project is to study the role of this communication and also how trust in preventive health programs is affected. All children and adolescents with vaccine-related narcolepsy will be invited to respond to standardized instruments. Through automated Social Network Analysis tools the Internet will be scanned and analysed concerning narcolepsy-related communication. The results will have an impact on how health care should relate to and use modern communication strategies.

The project is managed by Karin Blomberg, PhD, and Mats Eriksson, Ass Prof.


  • Östen Jonsson, Örebro läns landsting