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Development of novel chitosan-based scaffolds for cartilage repair

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With an aging and more overweight population, linked to unfavorable lifestyle factors, as well as with an increased number of sports injuries, we see an increasing extent of articular cartilage damage.

Articular cartilage injuries are difficult to heal, and therefore various surgical techniques have been developed that are used to support healing. However, these have different limitations, which means that there is room for innovation in the area. Central to this development are various degradable biopolymers, which can support the new formation of cartilage, so-called "scaffolds".

In order to improve the possibilities of developing new effective tools for the healing of cartilage damage, our research group has gathered competences in biomaterials research, biomedicine and orthopedic surgery. Knowledge exchange between these categories is essential to develop materials and methods that are effective for the surgeon who will ultimately use them. The research group also includes international collaboration, as well as representatives from business.

External researchers in the research group:

Nenad Andjelkov, PhD, University Hospital, Örebro. Djordje Veljovic, PhD, Assoc Prof, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade. Julijana Tadic, PhD, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade