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I want to apply for doctoral education

Welcome to apply for doctoral education at the School of Medical Sciences! Here you will find information about the admission process and the doctoral education programme.

Doctoral education ending with a doctorate degree (Ph.D) comprises 240 higher education credits, equivalent to four years of full-time study. Doctoral education ending with a licentiate degree comprises 120 credits, equivalent of two years full-time study. At the School of Medical Sciences it is common that doctoral students conduct their studies with a lower degree of study activity in combination with employment, for instance clinical duties.

The aim is that after you have completed the education, you have the in-depth knowledge and skills required to conduct independent research.

How to apply for doctoral education

The subject Medical Science have set both general and specific entry requirements for admission. You can read more about the requirements in the general syllabus for Medical Science.

There are two ways to apply for doctoral education at the School of Medical Sciences:

You can apply for a doctoral studentship, which is a tailor-made employment to facilitate doctoral studies. You can apply for a doctoral studentship when such a vacancy is advertised, by following the instructions given in the advertisement.

You can read more about this in the Regulations handbook and the Örebro University admissions regulations.

You can apply to doctoral education with external/other types of funding, for example from your current employer. The University makes an assessment regarding the security of the funding for the entire duration of the studies, as well as the applicant's ability to be able to complete the studies with a study rate not lower than 50 %.

You can read more about this in the Regulations handbook and in the Örebro University admissions regulations.

Application dates

Admission of doctoral students with external/other types of financing usually takes place two times per semester.

Last day for application for admission seminars in 2024:

  • 4 December for the admission seminars on February 5 and 7
  • 11 March for the admission seminars on May 15 and 27
  • 5 August for the admission seminars on September 16 and 23
  • 7 October for the admission seminars on November 15 and 18

When the last day for application for the upcoming admission seminar has passed, the next period for application will immediately open. 

The applicant and intended supervisors should reserve the whole day for the intended admission seminar. It is mandatory for applicants and intended principal supervisor to attend the seminar in person, and it is favourably if intended assistant supervisors can also participate.

After the deadline for submission has passed and the application has been reviewed and is complete, you will be informed about exact starting time for your seminar. Estimated time per seminar is one hour.

Application and appendices

The following documents are required for your application:

  1. The form Application for/decision on admission to research studies
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. Proof of completed higher education; degree certificates if applicable
  4. Independent project (degree project)
  5. Certificate of funding according to template (mandatory)
    - Routine for employees who work within Region Örebro County: The application is accompanied by a draft certificate of funding (signed by the applicant, the principal supervisor and the Head of operations (SW: verksamhetschef)) according to template Certificate of funding for research students employed by Region Örebro län (including forskar-AT) (only available in Swedish, separate login to RÖL is necessary). See also Certificate of funding for doctoral students - guideline (only available in Swedish). More information is available on the region's intranet. After the admission seminar, the study and research administration sends the signed draft to the FoU staff at RÖL for approval and final signature. Finalised certificate of funding is returned to the study and research administration.
    - Certificate of funding for research students employed by other external employer
  6. Template for research plan
  7. If the applicant wishes to enroll for part-time study, a statement accounting for the grounds for this
  8. Documents enabling an assessment of your skills on an individual basis. You may for instance have achieved additional qualifications or experience since your medical training. This may include publication of significance, or certificates and references regarding profession experience and other qualifications.

Applying via subject area/specialisation

Apply by clicking the link for the relevant subject area (please note that this feature is not available on mobile phones or tablet computers). Read more about the subject areas/specialisations here.

Note! If you are English-speaking, please see information on how to register your account here.

Processing of personal data

In connection with the admission to doctoral studies at Örebro University the research administration will store your personal data for the purpose of administering your studies. The data will be processed until graduation.

More information on how Örebro University processes personal data can be found on the webpage Processing of personal data at Örebro University.


Here you find contact information for people involved in doctoral education at the School of Medical Sciences. If you have general questions or are unsure of whom to address, please contact the study and research administration.

Subject representative: Hans Hjelmqvist
Programme Director: Ignacio Rangel
Specialisation coordinator Biomedicine: Allan Sirsjö
Specialisation coordinator Medicine: Katja Fall
Assistant Specialisation coordinator Medicine: Stefan Särnblad
Specialisation coordinator Surgical sciences: Hans Hjelmqvist
Directors of studies: Julia König and Amanj Saber