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Requesting official documents - written examinations

By using this form you can request official documents in the form of written examinations that other students have completed and that are digitally archived. We will send the documents to you via email. Please note that the Info Centre only provide written answers, not the examination questions.

It is now possible to search the archive for scanned written exams yourself in Studenttjänster. Log in using your ORU account and click the button Examination.

You can find more information about using this form to request official documents here. For example which information you need to fill in and where you can find that information.

Request official documents – written examinations

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NOTE: We will send your order via email. We will therein include specification of any fees. Invoicing is done separately.

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Please note that we provide only written answers, not the examination questions. 

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When registering, I consent to Örebro University processing the personal data I have entered in the registration form, for the purpose of dispatching requested official documents. The data is processed in the system EpiServer for two years. Any data provided can be changed and even deleted, following contact with This is an email address.

More information on how Örebro University processes personal data can be found on the webpage Processing of personal data at Örebro University.

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