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Wi-Fi/wireless network

Wireless network on campus

You may use your own mobile device on all campus areas by connecting to the wireless network eduroam.

If you need help with your wireless connection, lack coverage anywhere or have questions, you can contact IT support using this form:

IT fault reporting – student

IT fault reporting – staff (log in with your ORU account)

Where can I find coverage?

Örebro University Campus

eduroam has coverage almost all over our various campuses. This includes open spaces, auditoriums, lecture halls, reading rooms, offices, coffee rooms, dining rooms, gymnasiums, etc. Basement and culverts are not included in the coverage area. Please contact IT support if you lack coverage anywhere else.

The Municipality of Örebro and Region Örebro County

Thanks to cooperation with both the Municipality of Örebro and Region Örebro County, all students and staff at Örebro University have free access to eduroam in the municipality's and county's various premises.

Premises with coverage include:

  • Municipal buildings such as City Hall and the City Library.
  • Schools (municipal pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, upper secondary schools).
  • Hospitals and health centres.

Get a more precise display of coverage using the map below by zooming in on Orebro. In total there are about two thousand access points spread over a few hundred locations around the Municipality of Örebro and Örebro County.

Coverage across Sweden

In addition to coverage on affiliated universities and colleges, eduroam coverage includes airports and train stations throughout Sweden, as well as some hotels. This is all thanks to a collaboration with SUNET, The Cloud and eduroam.

Map of eduroam coverage in Sweden (including Orebro)

World-wide coverage

Map of eduroam-coverage around the globe

What is eduroam?

eduroam is a collaboration between colleges and universities from around the world aimed at facilitating the use of one another's wireless networks. A student or employee whose university is eduroam affiliated, can log in with their home university's username and password to wireless networks at other eduroam affiliated colleges and universities. The motto says "Open your laptop and be online".