School of Science and Technology

AI and Robotics, International Master's Programme (60/120 ECTS)

Learn about modern Artificial Intelligence and Robotics together with some of Sweden's leading researchers in our international MSc programme.

Örebro University offers an exciting international Master's Programme, which gives insight into the cutting edge research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. For example, you will learn about the methods used by self-driving vehicles to know where they are, how the navigation software in your phone finds the best route, and the sensors that robots and intelligent systems use to perceive the world, as well as machine learning methods that can make computers make difficult choices or learn to recognise the patterns around them.

Raise your robot

The programme is centred around a "raise your robot" theme, where you get access to a robot platform from day one, which will follow you throughout the programme -- to be endowed with more and more advanced capabilities as the courses are progressing.

Why Study AI and Robotics at Örebro University?

Örebro University's Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS) is one of Sweden's largest academic research centres in AI and Robotics. We are internationally known for our cutting-edge research in autonomous vehicles, service robots, cognitive perception systems, and the integration of AI and robotics.

Upon graduation, you will be able to work with advanced AI technologies and intelligent robot applications, such as decision support systems, machine learning systems, autonomous vehicles, and domestic service robotics. This degree provides the possibility to pursue an exciting career in industry as well as academia. AI support systems are already an integral part of our life, and specialists capable of developing and servicing cutting-edge intelligent systems are already much sought after and will become paramount in the future

Excellent Track Record

This programme is unique in that it is strongly coupled to AASS, one of Sweden's strongest research environments in Robotics. We offer you an opportunity to pursue project work in cutting-edge research projects, often with high industrial relevance. Consequently, the demands on the student are high, and many of our graduates have gone on to further positions within academia and within leading companies in the field (ABB, Mathworks, Epiroc, etc.)

The programme in short

The programme offers two levels of graduation: either a 60-credit (one year) Master of Science degree in Computer Science, providing in-depth knowledge of advanced research topics and software engineering competences which can be readily applied to the job market; or a 120-credit (two years) Master of Science degree in Computer Science, for those who wish to gain a higher degree of autonomy in problem solving and innovative thinking, possibly pursuing a career in R&D or academia.

This programme caters to applicants with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in computer science, informatics, engineering and other science-related subjects (e.g., physics, mathematics – see specific entry requirements).

The first year of the programme consists of courses providing research methodologies for intelligent system design, as well as a selection of advanced techniques for intelligent systems. The optional second year focuses on project work and a Master's Thesis.

Completion of the one-year Master's degree (magister, 60 credits) guarantees that graduates have acquired in-depth knowledge of advanced research topics, as well as advanced software engineering competences, which can be readily applied to the job market. Graduates of the two-year Master's degree (master, 120 credits) will be highly skilled computer scientists who are ready to engage in work which requires a higher degree of autonomy in problem solving and innovative thinking. These graduates will be fully capable of applying for jobs in industry R&D as well as for further PhD-level education.