Student games bring flavour to Örebro’s town centre

There were high spirits all around Stortorget, the main square, in Örebro on Friday when County Governor Rose-Marie Frebran opened the Örebro Day. The event gathered several hundred new students from Örebro University, lending flavour to the town centre with fun-filled games and action-packed competitions.

Introduction for new students

- This is an important part of the introduction programme we offer students that are new to the university and new to Örebro to help them settle in to their new student life and in their new town, says Lotta Elvin, coordinator for the introduction programme at Örebro University.

The introduction programme is offered at the start of every semester by Örebro University, Örebro Student Union and Örebro Municipality. Students are offered lectures on study techniques, practical advice, guided tours of their new environment as well as various social activities.

- The main focus of the Örebro Day lies on the social aspects – for the students to feel a sense of belonging. But it is also a chance to show off Örebro to the students and for the people of Örebro to connect with the student community. So it is very much a win-win event, says Lotta Elvin.