Örebro University Junior Faculty Bylaws

1. The Junior Faculty (JF) is an organization for junior researchers who are employed at or affiliated with Örebro University (ORU). The Örebro University JF is a member of the National Junior Faculty (NJF), an umbrella organization for all junior faculties in Sweden who wish to join.

2. The Junior Faculty aims to promote a greater academic environment for and support career development of junior researchers. It provides a platform for networking and interdisciplinary collaboration and represents the interests of junior researchers, which is in the interest of the entire university.

3. To be eligible as a member of the JF you have to hold a PhD and be employed at or affiliated with ORU. You are not eligible to be a JF member if you have had (1) both a docentship and a permanent position for more than one year, or (2) a docentship for more than two years. Every JF member should notify the JF board as soon as they are no longer eligible.

4. All JF events/activities are for JF members only unless otherwise stated.

5. The JF board consists of a chair, vice chair, and one representative from each faculty. The board is able to have a quorum when at least half of the representatives are present and the chair or vice chair is present amongst them. The chair and vice chair are compensated 10% and the representatives are compensated 5% of their worktime for their involvement in the board. The board meets on an as-needed basis but at least once per term.

6. The JF board oversees all JF activities but appoints working groups to carry out various tasks. The board has the authority to override the decisions of the working groups.

7. The JF board outlines the budget for the JF and has sole authority in authorizing financial transactions.

8. The opinions and views of all JF board members are regarded with equal weight. All should express their views freely and all should listen to and respect the views of others.

9. In cases where a decision is not reached unanimously, a majority vote applies. In case of a tie the proposal voted on by the chair shall prevail.

10. The responsibilities of each board member are not precisely fixed but rather decided upon by each JF board and adjusted as needed according to individual circumstances. There are some specific responsibilities of the chair and vice chair, however, that should be followed to the extent possible:
 a. The chair initiates and chairs meetings and sets agendas in consultation with the other board members.
 b. The chair is responsible for paying bills and keeping track of the budget and expenses. If an urgent decision is needed about an expense, the chair and vice chair can decide in consultation with each other (and afterwards bring the decision up to the board at the next meeting).
 c. The chair and vice chair are primarily responsible for meeting with the university representatives and acting as a liaison.
 d. The vice chair acts as chair when the chair is temporarily unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities.

11. For elections of the JF board, the board asks for volunteers and appoints an election committee of at least two people who organize the election. The committee solicits nominations for each board position electronically and then obtains approval from each nominee before setting up an online election. Nominating oneself and writing in names on the ballot are permitted. The candidate with the most votes is awarded the position.
Only JF members can nominate and vote for the JF board.

12. The board members are elected for a 2-year term and are allowed to be re-elected one time to either the same or a different board position. A JF member can serve a total maximum of 4 years on the board.

13. If a board member resigns or is required to leave the post, the post will be offered sequentially, to the runner-up candidates for that post in the previous election. The new member will serve the remainder of the resigning board member's term. If none of the candidates accepts the offered position, or there are no runner-up candidates, a new by-election will be held.

14. All board members can represent the Örebro JF in the National Junior Faculty.

15. Bylaws can only be changed based on a majority vote by all JF members present at a JF annual meeting. If there is a suggestion to change the bylaws, all members need to be notified at least three weeks before the annual meeting.

Bylaws were approved at the JF annual meeting on June 13, 2018.

Revisions of the bylaws were approved at the JF annual meeting on June 3, 2021, and the JF annual meeting on June 9, 2022.