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Working groups and activities

Most of the functions and activities of the JF are carried out through various working groups.  All JF members are welcome to join a working group and to suggest a new group.

Mentorship program

This working group is working on implementing a mentorship program in which JF members will have the opportunity to be matched with a more senior mentor who can provide career support and guidance. In the future, the plan is to implement a program in which JF members can serve as mentors for PhD students.

Lunch seminars

The lunch seminar group organizes informal lunch seminars twice per semester in which experienced researchers are invited to share their career journey and advice with JF members.

Grant writing

The grant writing working group is currently organizing grant writing workshops together with Grants Office, and in general has the mission of helping junior researchers improve their grant writing skills.

Science Pub

The Science Pub group is planning events at local venues in which researchers (especially JF members) will give popular science presentations on their research to the general public.