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Junior Faculty Board

The JF board is composed of five or six members who are elected by the JF members for a two-year term: one representative from each faculty, a chair and a vice-chair.

The JF board meets approximately four times per year and is responsible for:

  • Representing junior faculty interests at ORU and at the national junior faculty
  • Acting as an information channel between the University and junior faculty members
  • Strategic junior faculty decisions
  • Coordination of JF activities

You are welcome to contact any of the board members directly or via with any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have.

Samira Prado, Chair
As chair of ORU JF, I can represent the JF members' interests at ORU and in the National Junior Faculty to actively work on facilitating networks and exchange opportunities. For example, continuing the writing retreats, mentorship programs, social events, and lunch seminars offered by JF. Those events may increase the opportunity to exchange experiences and collaborations, which is essential for early career researchers. In addition, we are constantly identifying new ways and opportunities of engaging JF members not just with each other and within other instances of the University and Sweden.

Emilene Leite, Vice chair
As a vice-chair of ÖrU JF, I can support the Chair in the representation and communication of different activities aiming to provide members with access to valuable information and insights. “Knowledge is power”, and JF is an excellent forum for sharing knowledge and cultivating meaningful relationships through networking, thereby assisting earlier-career researchers in advancing their careers. As a member of the JF board, I am glad to contribute to creating an inclusive, supportive, and nurturing environment where junior faculty members can thrive.

Virginia RosalesVirginia Rosales Orquera, Business, Science and Engineering

The Junior Faculty (JF) is a great community to meet people at the same career stage and to share experiences, learn from each other and evolve together. There are plenty of opportunities for networking and career development, through fun and more serious activities. As a member of the JF board I am happy to contribute to developing the JF community by introducing new faculty members and organizing events such as the writing retreats that help us grow our networks and move forward in our career development.

Mulugeta Melkie Zegeye, Medicine and Health

MulugetaWhile exciting, a career in academia comes with its own set of difficulties that can occasionally be overwhelming. I believe that the quality of this journey can be enhanced by fostering a supportive atmosphere for information exchange, experience sharing, and prospective collaborations. To that end, I devote myself to promote a culture of networking and cooperation among early-career researchers across faculties at our University.  

jw_3John Brauer, Humanities and Social Sciences
Getting your head around the life as a recent PhD is challenging to say the least. The university offers many resources to overcome these challenges – resources that are not always promoted sufficiently. My engagement within the Junior Faculty is motivated by an interest to connect junior researchers with existing resources offered by the university as well as to communicate additional needs of junior researchers to people at the university who can satisfy these needs. Further, I am also engaged to increase collaboration and connections between junior researchers in different disciplines.