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Junior Faculty Board

The JF board is composed of five or six members who are elected by the JF members for a two-year term: one representative from each faculty, a chair and a vice-chair.

The JF board meets approximately four times per year and is responsible for:

  • Representing junior faculty interests at ORU and at the national junior faculty
  • Acting as an information channel between the University and junior faculty members
  • Strategic junior faculty decisions
  • Coordination of JF activities

You are welcome to contact any of the board members directly or via This is an email address with any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have.

Julia Sabet, Chair
Being a researcher, especially coming from abroad, can be very isolating! I was motivated to be a part of the Junior Faculty so that I could meet and draw support from my peers throughout the university and receive much needed guidance both from my peers as well as from senior mentors, and of course help facilitate this process for our members as well.

Liem NguyenLiem Nguyen, Vice chair  The JF is a great platform through which I have had the opportunity to meet and exchange my research ideas with other young researchers in all disciplines. I have gained a lot of information and knowledge since becoming a member of the JF and I am very happy to share the experience with other members.

Alexander Persson, Medicine & Health
In the words of the great Kjell Höglund: "forskaren är fri" (the researcher is free) and the same should go for information and I see ORU-JF as a great platform to collect and disseminate information to the members and through the ranks of the university. Information, communication and collaboration is key for accelerating success and I want ORU-JF to be the facilitator of this for our members.

Ingrid Ericson Jogsten, Business, Science, & Engineering
The reason I want to be a part of the Junior Faculty is to broaden my network with researchers from other disciplines at a similar level to mine. I also hope it will give me opportunities to be part of something that can help give young researchers (including myself) some well needed guidance.

Sam de Boise, Humanities and Social Sciences 
There are many things which researchers working in different cultural contexts take for granted but which feel strange if you're not used to them. I felt that it was important to get involved to lend support to junior researchers working here at Örebro from across the world, to contribute to building an interdisciplinary forum for research and to meet people working on completely unique and different topics!