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What's involved?

Mentor Match will run for six months, from mid-October to April.

We start matching students and mentors after the application deadline of 16th October - don't forget to register on our Mentor Match forum before then!

If we're able to match you then you'll receive an email from us with details about your partner. You'll be able to connect with them via the forum so you can say 'hi' and agree a date for your first meeting.

We’ll hold a Kick Off event on campus during week 44 (dates to be confirmed). This will help everyone learn more about how to get the most out of the experience, and also provides a chance to meet your partner or network with other participants over a cup of coffee. The Kick Off is mostly in Swedish but an English-language version will be available online afterwards. 

Following the Kick Off, you’ll be ready to hold your first Mentor Match meeting – where you’ll learn more about each other, discuss your objectives, identify what you’ll talk about at your next meeting and set a date for that too. Most mentoring pairs tend to meet once a month until April.

You can decide to meet digitally (e.g. by Zoom or Teams) or physically - e.g. in a café or on campus. This might simply be a matter of convenience - many of our mentors are based further afield in Sweden or even overseas.

We’ll be available to help with any questions during the six months, but the mentoring process is an independent and voluntary partnership that should be led by the mentee, with the support of the mentor.


Useful documents

Privacy and data protection

We will respect the confidentiality of any information you provide to us (Örebro University), and only collect information you allow us to by participating in Mentor Match.

The data we collect and process is the information you provide in your online application, and helps us ensure you get the best value from the support, services and opportunities we can offer, as well as helps us monitor and evaluate our activity. As an existing or past student, or supporter of the University, we’ll save your information with relation to our ongoing student, alumni, collaboration and mentorship programmes.

Unless you’ve opted out of communications, we’ll occasionally provide you with updates, news and opportunities – by email, post or other channels – relating to alumni, stakeholder, mentorship or other University activity that may prove of interest. This data statement does not replace any other data statements you may have agreed with the University.

For a more detailed description of why and how we safeguard your details, please visit our privacy policy. The page provides full details of your rights, what you can expect of us and how you can get in touch with us with any questions or requests.