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Evaluation of the "Let's Get Organized" group intervention to improve time management: a multi-centre randomized controlled trial

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Marie Holmefur

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Time management skills are essential for living in modern society. People with mental or neurodevelopmental disorders typically have cognitive limitations, including affected time management, which might lead to poor occupational balance, low self-efficacy, and poor parental sense of competence. “Let’s Get Organized” (LGO) is a recently developed manual-based group intervention to train time management skills. The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficiency of the Swedish version of LGO (LGO-S) compared to treatment as usual to improve time management for adults with impaired time management skills due to mental or neurodevelopmental disorders, including an evaluation of cost-effectiveness.

The trial has a multi-centre, open, parallel randomised controlled design. A total of 104 adults with cognitive limitations due to mental or neurodevelopmental disorders are recruited from open psychiatric or habilitation care units. Outcomes are measured before and after a 10-week intervention, with a follow-up three months after completing the intervention. The outcomes measured will be self-assessed skills in time management, organisation and planning, regulation of emotions, satisfaction with daily occupations, occupational balance, self-efficacy, and quality-adjusted life years.

A recent feasibility study has shown promising results for LGO-S, and a randomised trial will provide robust evidence for the possible efficacy

Trial registration:, ID: NCT03654248. 

Published article: Holmefur, M. , Roshanay, A. , White, S. , Janeslätt, G. , Vimefall, E. & Lidström-Holmqvist, K. (2021). Evaluation of the "Let's Get Organized" group intervention to improve time management: protocol for a multi-centre randomised controlled trial. Trials, 22 (1).