Natalie on the benefits of hosting a fellowship

The MSCA IF allows Dr. Georgia Cervin to come to ORU for three years, starting in August 2021, to conduct the research project “Engendered sport: A historical sociological study of doing and undoing gender in sport”.

Receiving a MSCA IF is prestigious for the fellow, the receiving university, and the supervisor. For my specific research context, the MSCA fellow will expand the research group that I am establishing and add volume to the social sport science research area. I further expect that the international nature of “Engendered sport” will attract scholars to ORU and generate spin off projects and collaborations that go beyond the MSCA IF timeframe. Lastly, the project’s aim to impact sport policy has potential to establish good relationships with (international) sport organisations.

Natalie Barker-RuchtiSupervisor: Natalie Barker-Ruchti

Further information abut the fellowship can be found here