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Globalisation, migration and social cohesion (GLOMISCO)

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Jessica Hanna Jönsson

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A painted pigeon.

The research group has its focus on social work in a globalized world where the global, international, and transnational context of social work is considered and studied.

The GLOMISCO research group studies the role and function of social work in an increasingly globalized and changing world where migration and integration-related issues and welfare challenges gain a prominent role for promoting social cohesion in national contexts.

The objective of our research is to explore and understand the causes, dynamics and consequences of global social problems, as well as generating new knowledge necessary for developing innovative working methods for challenging inequalities and promoting cohesive and inclusive societies.

Glomisco research projects are cross-disciplinary and has pluralistic theoretical and methodological perspectives and include collaboration both with other disciplines within the Department of Behavioral, Social and Legal Sciences and with related disciplines within the university such as political science, sociology, pedagogy, and gender studies. Critical and structural perspectives related to peace, solidarity, social justice, social cohesion, and sustainable social development are guiding Glomisco's research and collaborations with various social actors.

Following the university's internationalization ambitions, the research includes several areas and regions in the world, such as Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Glomisco pursues collaborations with various actors in the field of social work such as academics, practitioners, and civil society groups.

The research group is engaged in various research projects that focus on themes such as global social problems, war and violence, migration, poverty alleviation, sustainable development, democracy, segregation, marginalization, restructuring of the welfare state, social movements, promoting peace, development and human rights.