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To land in the profession. A study of social work professionals' transition from university education to working life.

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In progress 2017 - 2019


Anders Bruhn

Research subject

The alarming working conditions of newly examined social workers has been given much attention in later years. Developing knowledge about their working conditions, of stress, un-health and high staff turnover, is important. In this project their choice and establishment in this profession is in focus. Their motives, experiences, and expectations vis-à-vis this job and occupational role are studied, and in relation to the organizational and institutional framework of social services. We hope to contribute to a richer knowledge base for the work with improved introduction and better conditions for the group. The project consists of three parts: a national survey, a research circle where newly employed in municipality social service take part doing research themselves about conditions at hand, and a narrative interview study about work experiences and career choices five years after exam.


Research funding bodies

  • AFA Insurance