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Prevent Sick leave (PS): An RC T on the effects of a workplace focused program to prevent stress- and pain-related sick leave

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Started in 2018



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Problems with stress and pain are the most common reasons for long-term sick-leave, and we need preventive interventions. According to the transdiagnostic model, problems with stress and pain are maintained by similar processes. Consequently, we will test the effects of an intervention targeting both problems, with the purpose of preventing sick leave and increase work ability in the employees. This project will result in knowledge on:

1. A procedure for identifying individuals at risk
2. The effects of a program targeting both workplace and the individual
3. The role of the supervisor in preventing sick-leave
4. Mechanisms linked to decreased levels of sick-leave

Supervisors and employees in Region Örebro län will be recruited via Regionhälsan, and are randomized to either a supervisor program with the focus on communication, problem-solving and time management, or a control group offering a shorter lecture/course. The effects will be evaluated by assessing sick-leave and perceived health in the employees, as well as work satisfaction, communication skills and perceived stress in the supervisors.

Research funding bodies

  • The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE)