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Karin Hellfeldt

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65+ and safe is a scientific study that aims to investigate safety and fear of crime among older adults. The study is cross-sectional and includes approximately 620 participants who are 65 years and older (age range 65-106 years) and living in Örebrobostäder's (ÖBO) senior apartments. The data collection was carried out during May-September 2019. The main focus is to increase the understanding of older people's experience of unsafety and fear of crime and factors that can explain why older people feel safe as well as unsafe in their environment. Such knowledge can be used by societal actors, such as housing companies, to develop safe housing environments for older adults. The purpose of the research project is, therefore, to investigate the prevalence of safety, unsafety, and fear of crime among older adults and conditions that cause them to experience safety, unsafety, and fear of crime in their everyday lives.

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