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The politics, expressions and prevalence of violence against trans* people in the EU (2020-2022)

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Zara Saeidzadeh

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The objective of the project is to produce knowledge to inform the development of social and legal policies and practices to reduce violence against trans* people in the context of EU. In doing so, the project first produces a systematic review of studies on violence against trans* people in the EU. Second, it identifies and conceptualises all forms of violence experienced by trans* people, including the full range from direct physical to subtle and previously unmentioned and unmeasured violence. Third, the project theorizes violence against trans* people as an entity on its own, rather than as forms of violence against LGBTQI people. The project follows an intersectional methodological framework and a theoretical framework based on violence regimes, thereby considering conceptualising all forms of discrimination, abuse, prohibition and suppression as violence.

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  • Swedish Research Council