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The development of an automatic cognitive screening test using Advanced Eye-Tracking Technology

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In progress 2021 - 2025


Helen Lindner

Research subject

In this project, we will use an  eye-tracking cognitive test to screen cognitive functions. The test includes several cognitive tasks that comprised images and short videos that assess common cognitive functions such as orientation, visual-spatial ability, memory and concentration.  When a viewer looks at the images/videos on the monitor, an advanced eye tracker rapidly samples the position of the eyes in relation to the computer monitor and automatically measures the latency (delay), duration (time), and sequence of eye fixations (gaze path) on the images/videos. Machine learning will be used to analyse the eye-tracking data and develop an automatic cognitive screening test.

One cognitive task: concentration – we measure whether the person can use the eyes to follow the car (30 seconds).

Research funding bodies

  • Promobilia
  • Region Örebro County