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Wellbeing promotion using care environments and technologies (WellCET)

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Helen Lindner

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The WellCET research group is a multidisciplinary group of researchers dedicated to increasing well-being, such as mobility and independence, among marginalised groups and people with physical or mental illness.

Our overarching research goals are as follows: (i) understanding the process of improving physical, mental, and social well-being; (ii) establishing novel methods for promoting well-being through the creation of sustainable environments; and (iii) taking advantage of assistive technology to promote inclusion and accessibility.

We use different methodologies to understand the complexities of present interventions and processes for well-being promotion. We investigate how people make decisions and develop skills using advanced technologies such as eye tracking. We develop novel approaches to improve well-being through the use of environments and technologies.

While based in Örebro, our researchers work closely with different municipalities and regions in Sweden. Additionally, we collaborate nationally with Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm as well as internationally with Harvard Medical School, University of Cambridge, and Japan's Kobe Gakuin University. Our studies will provide substantial insights to the scientific community and organisations that work with well-being promotion, thereby reducing global well-being inequality.

Part of the research group is also Katarina Baudin, Linköping University. 

On the 19th of March, Helen Lindner was interviewed by Swedish Radio. Listen to the interview here. 

Research funding bodies

  • The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE)
  • Promobilia
  • Region Örebro County
  • Örebro University