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BALANCE - Treatment of low-contaminated soil with biochar produced from organic waste for sustainable resource use and circular economy

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In progress 2022 - 2025



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Biochar as a soil remediation method has great potential to reduce landfilling of soil and save virgin materials, leading to more sustainable use of land and waste resources. However, to enable large-scale use, there is an urgent need for good examples and a framework to assess potential benefits and risks of this remediation technique. The overall goal of the BALANCE-project is to develop such a framework, including methods for assessing 1) detoxification, 2) soil quality improvement and 3) environmental impact of various alternatives in a life cycle perspective. In 2019, a field trial was initiated and monitoring of contaminants will continue in 2023-2024 together with analysis of ecological effects and ecotoxicity. In addition, a new pilot scale trial will assess the potential of biochar to decrease the risk for vapor intrusion of volatile contaminants into buildings. Compiled data will be used to gain knowledge about long term effects and provide guidance on how to assess risk reduction for humans and the environment in multi-contaminated soils treated with biochar. BALANCE will also cover circular resource and environmental effects using life cycle assessment and a new framework for urban circularity.

Read more about the BALANCE project on biochar remediation of urban areas at the website of the Swedish Geotechnical Institute (in Swedish)

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