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Members of the Film & Visual Communication Studies Research Team are active in different fields of Film Studies as well as in multimodal critical discourse analysis. Our theoretical and methodological reach includes historical, ethnographic studies of film culture; investigating film as thinking/theory/philosophy and pedagogy; understanding contemporary forms of transmedia storytelling; film and the Anthropocene; video art; and exploring the tension between truth claims and the mockumentary.

Please see the individual presentations for a more detailed description of the respective research areas.

Petre Breazu
Petre Breazu is currently a PhD candidate in Media and Communication. His thesis addresses the multimodal representation of the Romany in European Media. Petre is particularly interested in how events and social practices are recontextualized by means of language and visuals to achieve various communicative purposes. Other research interests include visual communication, news photography and visual ideologies. 

Dr. Åsa Jernudd
Åsa Jernudd’s research contributes to the field of ‘New Cinema History’ in film and media studies, addressing questions through interdisciplinary methods related to audiences and exhibition. She is currently principal investigator of the project, Swedish Cinema and Everyday Life: A study of cinema-going in its peak and decline (2019-2021), financed by The Swedish National Research Council (VR).

Prof. David Machin (Head of Team)
David Machin researches in the area of Critical Discourse Studies, particularly with an interest in Multimodal discourse analysis. His interests include multimodality of visual design including web, magazine and newspaper composition and TV set design. He also works on sound as communication. He is co-editor of the international peer reviewed journals Social Semiotics and Journal of Language of Politics and on the board of several international CDS oriented journals. He also co-edits international Book Series Bloomsbury Advances in Critical Discourse Studies.

Dr. Jakob Nilsson
Jakob Nilsson’s research concerns how philosophy can be formulated (rather than merely illustrated) in and through moving images with sound, Deleuze, as well as (theory-driven) film and video art exploring problems connected to ecology and the Antropocene / Capitalocene.

Dr. Johan Nilsson
Johan Nilsson is a film scholar interested in contemporary American film and popular culture. More specifically, his research focuses on the poetics and ideology of film satire, for instance exploring its formal characteristics and its relationship to American exceptionalism. He also works within the multidisciplinary field of American Studies

Dr. Jono Van Belle
Jono Van Belle is a new cinema history scholar with a focus on audience studies. She currently works on Åsa Jernudds project Swedish Cinema and Everyday Life: A study of cinema-going in its peak and decline (2019-2021).

Miriam von Schantz
Miriam von Schantz is currently working on her doctoral dissertation on new forms of addressing the spectator within what she calls ‘schizoanalytical spectatorship’. Her work, which looks at ‘mockumentary’ genres, contributes to the development of a new materialist theoretical and methodological framework for the moving image. It also develops new tools for investigating spectatorship including from the point of view of its constructions of subjectivity, identity and political agency. 

Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council