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Mårten Gulliksson

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The research group in Mathematics is doing research in the areas of analysis, complex analysis,algebra, combinatorics, mathematical physics and computational mathematics.

One part of the research in Analysis and Complex Analysis is in Operator theory on  analytical function spaces.

Research in Algebra is represented by algebraic graph theory, spectra of Caley graphs and coding theory.

In Combinatorics there is researc in enumerative and algebraic combinatorics with special focus on permutations.

Research in Mathematical Physics is towards computations in engineering and modern physics including the determination of electromagnetic properties through random walks and simulations in quantum physics for Bose-Einstein condensate.

Researc in Computational Mathematics is towards numerical linear algebra, i.e., methods for solving very large or very difficult linear system of equations or linear eigenvalue problems, continuous optimization, and new methdods for solvling equations with dynamical systems. Computational Mathematics has industrial applications.

There is a seminarie series in Mathematics that is announced by email and on the web where new research results are presented and discussed.

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