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Honour, Violence and Society

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Rúna Baianstovu

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HeVoS is an interdisciplinary research team with roots in Social Work, Sociology and Gender Studies. The team explores the multiple forms, expressions, consequences, and mechanisms of so-called honour-based violence and oppression, on individual, relational and societal levels – and the relationship between these levels.

The group is particularly interested in analysing so-called honour-based violence and oppression in social, political, economic and cultural contexts and in relation to power, migration, nation; social inclusion/exclusion; gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, sexual expression, age, and socio-economic factors and their intersections; and feminism, racism and stereotyping.

The objective of the research projects carried out by the team is to develop new theories contributing to the explanations of honour-based violence, and to develop socially relevant and appliable knowledge. To this end, the team actively participates in multi-sectoral stakeholder collaborations as well as to the multidisciplinary national, Nordic, and European academic communities.

Collaborators (outside of ORU): Emmie Särnstedt-Gramnaes (RFSL Örebro, Sweden); Hanna Cinthio (Malmö University); Hannana Siddiqui (Southall Black Sisters, Warwick University, London UK), Umme Imam (the Angelou Center, Newcastle, UK); Social Services, Regional County Administrative Board; Örebro municipality.

Funders: EU DAPHNE, MUCF, Örebro University, City of Stockholm, City of Malmö, City of Gothenburg.

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