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Excellent teaching practitioner

Excellent teaching practitioner is an academic title awarded for proven teaching excellence. Its purpose is to promote and enhance quality in teaching and learning at Örebro University.

All teachers at Örebro University who have completed the mandatory ten weeks of pedagogical training (Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 1 and 2) are eligible to apply. Applications are assessed against the criteria jointly established by the three faculty boards.

Excellent teaching practitioners are expected to contribute to the academic development at Örebro University.

The guidelines and criteria and the Template for Teaching Portfolio in English are found below.

Drafting and decision processes

Each faculty board has an academic appointment committee, which drafts the applications for decision by the faculty board. This means that the committee first decides whether an application meets the criteria for being sent for peer assessment. Once the expert opinion has been received, the committee submits a proposal to the faculty board to either appoint the applicant as an excellent teaching practitioner or to reject the application.


Applications for appointment to excellent teaching practitioner are handled by the Centre for Academic Development. If you have any questions, please contact This is an email address