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The Swedish version of the Attitude towards Pressure ulcer Prevention instrument for use in an operating theatre (APuP-OR): A Nationwide Psychometric Evaluation

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Started in 2020


Karin Falk-Brynhildsen

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Pressure ulcers (PU) are a common but largely preventable condition in hospitalised surgical patients. The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) reports that pressure ulcers occur in the operating room (OR) in between 4.0 - 45.0% of hospitalised patients. Studies found prevalence rates of pressure ulcers of 8.8% or more in patients undergoing surgical procedures lasting more than three hours. Work in the OR is highly specialised, with multiple specialties working together in teams. All team members have different priorities and goals that must be balanced. OR Nurses play a key role in ensuring patient safety, including PU care. Knowledge and skills are essential for assessing, preventing and/or treating patients PU. A nationwide psychometric evaluation study of the Attitude toward Pressure Ulcer Prevention instrument for use in the operating room (APuP- OR) was conducted between February and August 2020. Validity (content, construct, discriminatory power) and reliability (stability and internal consistency) were evaluated in a convenience sample of Swedish OR nurses.

This project is a collaboration between Örebro University, Örebro University Hospital, Uppsala University, Karlstad University, Karolinska University Hospital, and Östfold University College (Norway). The research was led by the Swedish Centre for Skin and Wound Research in collaboration with the Skin Integrity Research Group at Ghent University (Belgium).