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Perioperative care and Pedagogical Processes (PEPP)

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Maria Jaensson

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The Perioperative care and pedagogical processes (PEPP) aim to conduct research with both breadth and depth within perioperative care and pedagogical processes across various settings.

Perioperative care involves care before, during, and after an operation. Projects investigates routines, methods and complications related to different types of surgeries. One project examines absence of care in postoperative care units.

Pedagogical processes revolve around learning and teaching in the supervision of thesis work or during practical training in health care settings. One project explores how health literacy (the ability and knowledge needed to make informed decisions about health) impacts recovery following bariatric surgery.

The outcomes of this research contribute to increased knowledge and quality in education and health care settings, benefiting students, patients, and health care staff. The group comprises of researchers in public health, health economics, medicine, and nursing science, aiming to incorporate a diverse range of perspectives into the conducted research.

Doctoral student at Linköping University connected to the research team: Ida Markström 

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