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Collaboration for inclusive student health issues

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Started in 2020


Charlotta Pettersson

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The purpose of the project is to investigate organizational and content aspects fo student health issues with a focus on a collaborative and inclusive school. The project intends to critically examine, test and set knowledge about student health´s promotion work in a learning perspective, as well as develop and deepen the knowledge about collaboration between different professions in student health teams. To set new knowledge about the student health team´s mission or organization, the multiprofessional teams are studied through participatory observations of the student health´s various professional assignments and in relation to the school´s student health issues. Interviews are also conducted with the professionals in the student health teams. This is to take part in their working methods, knowledge, expectations and experiences of opportunities and dilemmas with collaboration in student health issues. The overall purpose is thus after completed practical studies in the school practises, to develop and implement new knowledge which can be useful in the school practises and in Higher Education. A large part of the project´s work is part of the Swedish Government´s investment in internship research, called ULF (Development, Learning and Research), and aims to develop and test internship research models for collaboration between Universities and principals.

Research funding bodies

  • Örebro Municipality
  • Örebro University