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Literature Studies


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Greger Andersson

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  • Humanities-Social sciences

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The main areas of research in the field of comparative literature at Örebro University are literary theory, literary history and literary didactics. As regards literary theory scholars at Örebro University have since many years developed a specific approach, especially with concern to narratology, and participate in different international narratological networks and conferences. The subject of Comparative literature together with the subject of History is moreover responsible for a research environment called Narration, Life and Meaning. The research in comparative literature at Örebro University also concern literary history with a particular focus on Swedish authors. This research connects closely to the theoretical studies since even analyses of a particular epoch, genre or author relate to principal issues regarding literary meaning and how such meaning is conveyed by texts. Scholars in comparative literature are, finally, together with subjects as Swedish and Pedagogy developing research in literary didactics.