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Märta Johansson

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The research project on human trafficking and closely related crimes (on exploitation) examined the Swedish regulation and court practice between 2002-2012 in light of global and European obligations. The rights of victims were given special attention. The project also investigated global and European standards concerning demand for the services of trafficking victims, and the implementation of these in five European states.

The doctoral research (Jenny Zetterqvist) examines the legal obligations and access to human rights protection for women in protracted refugee camps. Special focus is placed on violence against women and the challenges that protection of their rights pose both in the camps as well as when considering return or resettlement.

Here, it should be mentioned that no less than three interesting doctoral dissertations were published in public international law and comparative law from 2009-2012, namely by Richard Zajac Sannerholm, “Rule of Law after War – Ideologies, Norms and Methods for Legal and Judicial Reform”, Örebro 2009, Maria Eriksson, “Defining Rape: Emerging Obligations for States under International Law”, Örebro 2010 and finally Mona Samadi, “Defamation of Religion – The Right to Freedom of Expression in International and Islamic Law”, Örebro 2012. Historically, this is thus a very strong field of research within the topic.

Research funding bodies

  • Crime Victim Fund
  • The Torsten Söderberg Foundation
  • Örebro University