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Brynjar Fure

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Geriatric medicine focuses on preventing, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating diseases in old age. A central concept within geriatric medicine is frailty which means reduced reserves in the organs of the body due to ageing, usually in combination with disease. Frailty may affect the ability to cope in activities of daily living and frequently reults in dependency on others. When the concept of frailty was introduced nearly 20 years ago, focus was directed towards physical frailty. However, today he concept also includes frailty caused by cognitive, emotional, or social impairments.

Multimorbidity, polypharmacy, frequent contacts with the health services and reduced quality of life often overlap with frailty, and, therefore, are aspects of importance in the ongoing research studies. Geriatric research is multiprofessional involving medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other professions as well as other medical disciplines such as neurology, psychiatry, old age psychiatry, general medicine and rehabilitation medicine.

Ongoing research is focused on the following topics:

• Frailty
• Orthogeriatric medicine including hip fractures and leg amputations
• Malnutrition, sarcopenia and refeeding syndome
• Neurogeriatric medicine including stroke in the very old
• Pharmacology
• Cognitive Medicine including psychiatric, neurological and, cognitive symtomatology and  biomarker analyses in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid
• Behavioural and psychiatric symptoms in dementia ( BPSD) and biomarkers
• Old Age Psychiatry and cognitive therapy
• Physical cctivity and nutrition as treatment for depression/anxiety (RCT)
• Covid 19 long-term effects in the geriatric population and in collaboration with the  primary care (RCT)

The research is performed at the University of Örebro, Örebro University Hospital and Central Hospital Karlstad.

Collaboration on a national and international level is ongoing


• Andersson Åsa
• Dahlqvist Lisabet
• Fresnais David
• Freund Yvonne
• Fure Brynjar
• Holmér Michael
• Probert Noelle
• Sanner Johan
• Vahedi Ali