Our exam halls

Örebro University has six exam halls:

  • two halls in the Långhuset building (L001 and L003)
  • two halls in the Teknikhuset building (T225 and T143)
  • two halls  (Ruter and Spader) See Mazemap

Finding the exam halls

If needed, make sure you search for the exam hall in Mazemap well in advance of the examination so that you know where to go.

Be at the exam hall 30 minutes before the start of the examination. Many students take exams at the same time and queues may form, which may delay the start of the examination.

In the exam halls

Our exam halls are nut-free zones. This means that you are not allowed to bring any form of nuts into the halls.

There are lockers both in and outside the exam halls, where you can keep your belongings during the examination. All effects must be kept in the lockers. Remember to leave the key in the lock when you have finished your examination.

Remember to turn off your mobile phone completely (not just flight mode) and to leave it in the locker with your other belongings. If your mobile phone has been left on, it may result in you being reported for cheating.

As you leave the exam hall, the exam receipt is the only thing you are allowed to bring with you. If you are taking a digital exam, you send your receipt to your email address.

The Spader and Ruter halls

These halls are in the building just west of the bus stop Universitetsplatsen. The halls are located on the second floor and there is a lift.

The other floors of this building are office space. Therefore, remember to keep the noise down in the stairwell.


There is limited parking next to the building. Some of the spaces are reserved for the office tenants. Other spaces are available to the public. At present, the parking fee is SEK 15 for 45 minutes and SEK 40 for 24 hours. Prices are subject to change. The ticket machines do not accept cash.

Bicycle parking is available.

If you have any questions about the exam halls or other queries about examinations, contact the exam administration.