Research on refugees, migration and integration at Örebro University

Disability science

Julia Peralta Prieto, Senior Lecturer. Research on Supported Employment and the construction of "immigrant status" as "disabled" on the Swedish labor market.


Daniela Andrén. Associate Professor. Research on the differences between the natives and the immigrants in labor force participation, sickness insurance, exits from the labor market , social welfare and wellbeing.

Magnus Lodefalk, Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Research on immigration, integration in the workplace and the internationalization of businesses and growth.


Emma Arneback, Senior Lecturer. Research on racism and anti-racism in schools.

Gender studies

Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta, Professor. (Interdisciplinary: gender studies, education, language studies): Research on mono-, bi-, multilingualism, identities and intersectionality, ethnicity, migration and the human condition in a globalized world, marginalization processes, and inclusion/exclusion.

Sofia Strid, Associate Professor. Research on changes in attitudes regarding female genital mutilation (FGM) in a migration context, tools and methods to prevent so-called honor-related violence (HRV), crimes against specific social groups’ human rights (social groups based on gender, race/ethnicity, age, disability and religion/beliefs).

Legal science

Märta Johansson, Associate Professor. Research on human trafficking internationally, regionally and nationally, as well as on closely related crimes.

Media & communication studies

Petre Breazu, Doctoral Student. Research on discourse and Discrimination, Racism, Roma in European Media, Discursive Construction of Social and Political Identities, Visual/Multimodal Communication.

Mattias Ekman, Senior Lecturer. Research on interactive racism, online racism, Islamophobia, right-wing extremism, right-wing populism, social and political mobilisation in social media.

Michal Krzyzanowski, professor. Research on migration, refugees and asylum seekers in politics and social/traditional media, European right-wing populism, radicalism & migration, racism, discourse & discrimination, migration/diversity & journalism, multilingualism & cultural diversity, migration & language/integration policy.


Maria Westvall, Senior Lecturer. Research on music, identity and multiculturalism, cultural diversity in higher music education.

Jonas Ålander, Doctoral Student. Research on immigrants and music practices in Sweden

Nursing science

Berthollet Bwira Kaboru, Senior Lecturer. Research on global health, health in humanitarian emergencies.


Darun Jaf, Doctoral Student. Research on adjustment and development of immigrant youths in organized sports activities; immigrant youths’ low participation rates and drop out of organized sports; role of family in immigrant adolescents’ sport participation.

Sevgi Bayram Özdemir, Senior Lecturer: Research on inter-ethnic relationships, ethnic victimization and bullying, aggressive behaviors and violence across different ethnic groups, discrimination and tolerance towards immigrants, identifying risks and protective factors within family, peer, and school settings towards the adjustment (particularly educational outcomes) and integration of immigrant adolescents.

Marta Miklikowska, Researcher. Research on inter-ethnic relations and empathy. Development of anti-immigrant attitudes and tolerance towards immigrants. The role of family, friends, school, inter-ethnic friendships and empathy. To identify risks and protective factors against development of prejudice. To identify how intervention programs should be formed to effectively prevent and reduce prejudice and to promote tolerance in a multiethnic society such as Sweden. 

Metin Özdemir, Senior Lecturer. Research on adjustment, achievement, and development of immigrant adolescents in schools; immigrant youths and sports participation; inter-ethnic relationships in school and leisure activity context.

Social science

Jan Jämte, Senior Lecturer. Research on anti-racism, racism, anti-racist movements, racism and anti-racism in schools.


Lina Sandström, Doctoral Student. Research on asylum seekers’ accommodation, the asylum process as an integration process.

Swedish Language

Gunvor Nilsson, Senior Lecturer. Research on Swedish as a second language, advanced second language speakers, pragmatic phrases and discourse markers. 

Helge Räihä, Senior Lecturer. Research on migration, language and citizenship in the countries around the Baltic Sea.