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Innate immunity in cardiovascular disease

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Geena Paramel

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The major focus of our research is to assess how endo- and exogenous factors regulate molecular and clinical changes in the proteins of innate immunity that contribute to atherosclerosis. In addition to understanding the molecular mechanism, we are developing novel strategies and approaches (using drugs, small molecule inhibitors) to reduce inflammation, thrombosis, and vascular fibrosis, thus governing cardiovascular outcome.

Our research also focuses on identifying novel circulating biomarkers for assessing influenza patients with cardiac complications, and to develop state-of-the-art method for screening molecular mechanism underlying influenza-induced cardiac pathogenesis using in vitro models of human heart. We are currently establishing a platform of performing translational research using advanced methodological tools of physiological relevance. We are developing in vitro human heart model for in vitro testing of novel therapies to treat and prevent cardiovascular diseases. In addition, we are establishing a human carotid plaque from patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy to identify and evaluate metabolic signatures and inflammatory proteins in atherosclerosis. Considering the enormous burden of cardiovascular disease in our society every year, the research projects will impart significant knowledge to the scientific community and clinicians to improve treatment strategies to reduce cardiovascular event in patients, thereby lowering the economic burden of the disease in society.

Research funding bodies

  • Gamla Tjänarinnor Foundation
  • The Knowledge Foundation