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Dynamic Agile Production Robots That Learn and Optimise Knowledge and Operations (DARKO)

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In progress 2021 - 2024


Achim Lilienthal

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Agile Production crucially depends on the effectivity of the intralogistics processes. Robots, as components of these processes, have the potential to be game changers, if they are highly flexible, capable, cost- and energy efficient, safe and able to operate in work environment shared with humans. DARKO sets out to realize a new generation of agile production robots that have energy-efficient elastic actuators to execute highly dynamic motions. Together with the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe, the DARKO project will demonstrate autonomous capabilities of robots significantly beyond the current state of the art in dynamic manipulation – throwing goods, picking and placing objects while in motion, and able to operate safely in a changing environment. The DARKO consortium brings together leading academic and corporate researchers, technology providers and end-users, with the required long-standing expertise.

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  • EU Horizon 2020