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CFS seminars Autumn 2022

The research environment CFS is headed by professor Maria Jansson. Seminars will be held on Thursdays, 13.00-14.30 in F2240 (unless other time and venue is noted in the programme). The seminars will be made available on zoom. If you are not a CFS member and would like to join a seminar, please contact Ingela Abramsson.

E-mail to Maria Jansson, This is an email address 
E-mail to Ingela Abramsson, This is an email address

8 September
Maria Jansson presents new project DIGISCREENS 
Link to zoom here

27 September (please note that this is a Tuesday)
Ann Phoenix, University College London: Interrogating home; Intersectional relations in process. The seminar is a collaboration with the research group Work, Family and Intimate Relations.
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4 October
10-15-12.00 in F2240
CFS and RGCSMM joint session: Dialogue with Ann Phoenix and Jeff Hearn on Racism, racialization and anti-racism.

13 October
Tobias Axelsson: ”Why norm-critique? Change and knowledge claims in norm-critique as pedagogy and social theory” (paper)
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25 October (note that this is a Tuesday)
Lena Gunnarsson: “The role of experiential knowledge in Swedish women’s claims about systemic side effects of the copper IUD” (paper)
Link to zoom here

10 November
Jenni Tiderman Österberg: “Calling in kinship” (paper)
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24 November
RGCSMM joint seminar with Anika Thym: "Hegemony and Critique: An Investigation of Critical (Self)Reflections by Men in Leadership Positions in the Financial Sector" (paper)
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8 December
Evelina Johansson-Wilén, title: TBA
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15 December
11.00-12.30 (NB!) Special seminar on the work of Anna Jónasdottir
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15 December
14.00-15.30 (NB!) Amanda Wilson, Warwick University, UK. Title: TBA.
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