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CFS seminars Spring 2022

The research environment CFS is headed by professor Maria Jansson. The seminars normally take place on Tuesdays between 13.00-15:00. A link to zoom and papers/abstracts will be sent out a few days before the seminar.
If you are not a CFS member and would like to join a seminar, please contact Ingela Abramsson.

E-mail to Maria Jansson, This is an email address 
E-mail to Ingela Abramsson, This is an email address

Tuesday 25 January, zoom
Discussions about CFS research agenda and website

Tuesday 15 February, zoom
Merve Tuncer, Sociology ORU, presents a paper: Gendered Patterns of Ageing in Sweden as a Turkey-born Woman

Tuesday 1 March, zoom
Open. E-mail This is an email address if you want to present something

Tuesday 15 March, zoom
Dr. Christopher R. Matthews, Title: What can we learn about men, gender and sport by getting punched in the face?
This is a joint seminar organized by the Research Group for Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities, ReShape (Research in sport, health and physical education), Gender Studies and The Center for Feminist Social Studies (CFS)

Wednesday (NB!) 23 March, in room F2126 + zoom
Collaborative work on CFS Research Plan

Tuesday 5 April, in room F2240 + zoom
Rahil Roodsaz presents her work: Long-term midlife love: beyond ‘dull’ or ‘revolutionary’ 

Tuesday 12 April in F2240 and zoom
Greta Blad: Moving Thresholds: Body narratives within the vicinity of gym and fitness culture

Tuesday 19 April 
Tobias Axelsson, Gender Studies, presents a manuscrip for Critical Studies in Education: Why norm-critique? Change and knowledge claims in norm-critique as pedagogy and social theory.

Tuesday 10 May in F135
Lunch seminar, 11.45-12.30, F135. Berglind Rós Magnúsdóttir, University of Iceland: Critical Love Studies in the Icelandic Context

Tuesday 10 May in F2240
Rukaya Al-Zayani, Gender Studies, ORU, presents paper. Title: Queering the Lived Experiences of Technology-facilitated violence against the Queer community in Turkey

Tuesday 31 May in F2240
Maria Darwish, Gender Studies, ORU, presents paper. Title TBA.

Tuesday 7 June in F2240
Zara Saiedzadeh, Gender Studies, ORU, presents her new project. Title TBA.

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