Program for NNRME 2023

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Below you will find an overview of the program. The program will be updated. A schedule with timeframes for the parallel seminars will be posted later on. All the presentations will be live presentations and the conference language is English.

Tuesday 28 March

11.00 –12.00 Registration

Registration opens for NNRME 2023 at the School of Music, Theater and Art (Musikhögskolan), Musikfoajén.

12.00–13.00  Lunch                             

M101, Musikhögskolan

13.00–13.30  Welcome/opening

Konsertsalen, Musikhögskolan

13.30–14.30 Keynote 1, professor Eva Georgii-Hemming, Örebro universitet.

Konsertsalen, Musikhögskolan

14.30–15.00  Cofffee/tea break

Musikfoajén, Musikhögskolan

15.00– ca.17.45  Parallel seminars

17.45– 19.00  After seminar mingle 

Musikfoajén, Musikhögskolan

Wednesday 29 March

08.30–12.00  Parallels seminars

12.00–13.00   Lunch

M101, Musikhögskolan

13.00-13.15 NRME Journal

13.15–14.15 Keynote 2, professor Petter Dyndahl, Høgskolen i Innlandet, Norway

Konsertsalen, Musikhögskolan

14.15–17.30 Parallels with coffee/tea break

Musikfoajén, Musikhögskolan

19.00 Pre-drink 

19.30 Conference Dinner 

Thursday 29 March

09.00–10.00 Keynote 3, Dr. Alexis Kallio, Queensland Conservatorium, Australia. 

Konsertsalen, Musikhögskolan

10.00–10.30 Cofffee/tea break

Musikfoajén, Musikhögskolan

10.30–13.00  Parallels seminars

13.00–14.00  Closing/goodbye including lunch to go

Please check this page regularly for an up-to-date version of the program.