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Noah Roderick

Tjänstetitel: Universitetslektor Organisation: Institutionen för humaniora, utbildnings- och samhällsvetenskap


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Noah Roderick



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Artiklar i tidskrifter

Roderick, N. (2012). After Universal Grammar: The Ecological Turn in Linguistics. Logos & Episteme: an International Journal of Epistemology, 3 (3), 469-487.
Roderick, N. (2011). In Defense of Grade Grubbers. The Chronicle of higher education.

Artiklar, recensioner


Roderick, N. (2016). The Being of Analogy (1ed.). London, UK: Open Humanities Press.


Roderick, N. (2009). Gods, Grammars, and Genres: Towards an Ethics of English Studies in Imperial Sovereignty. (Doctoral dissertation). Normal, IL, USA: Illinois State University.

Kapitel i böcker, del av antologier

Roderick, N. (2021). Chuidere il Loop: I generi e l’oggetto quadruplo [Clossing the loop: genres and the four-fold object]. I: Vincenzo Cuomo and Enrico Schiro, Decentrare l’umano: Perché la Object-Oriented Ontology (ss. 125-150). Pompei, Italy: Kaiak Edizione.
Roderick, N. (2013). Analogize This!: The Politics of Scale and the Problem of Substance in Complexity-Based Composition. I: Julia Voss, Beverly Moss, Steve Parks, Brian Bailie, Heather Christiansen, and Stephanie Ceraso, The Best of the Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals 2012 (ss. 25-47). Anderson, South Carolina, USA: Parlor Press.
Roderick, N. & Olson, T. (2012). Beyond the Common Denominator: Exposing Semiotic (Dis)Unity in Mathematics Textbooks. I: Heather Hickman and Brad J. Porfilio, The New Politics of the Textbook: A Project of Critical Examination and Resistance (ss. 151-162). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.