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Stig Mattsson

Tjänstetitel: Doktorand Organisation: Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper


Telefon: 019 303000 (växel)

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Artiklar i tidskrifter

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Adolfsson, P. , Strömgren, A. , Mattsson, S. , Chaplin, J. E. & Jendle, J. (2015). Education and individualized support regarding exercise and diabetes improves glucose control and level of physical activity in type 1 diabetes individuals. Journal of Endocrinology Diabetes & Obesity, 3 (2), 1071-1077.
Adolfsson, P. , Mattsson, S. & Jendle, J. (2015). Evaluation of glucose control when a new strategy of increased carbohydrate supply is implemented during prolonged physical exercise in type 1 diabetes. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 115 (12), 2599-2607.