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About this team

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Research conducted within the group of Discourse, Communication & Media (DCM) falls within two, often overlapping areas. The first is Critical Discourse Studies (CDS), which we conduct in an empirically driven way by looking critically at the role of language and communication in contemporary social change and its displays within politics, media, organizations and wider culture. Conducted within Discourse-Historical and Multimodal traditions, our CDS work focuses on a detailed, critical-linguistic analysis of media and communication and relates these to the dynamics of social contexts as sites of production and reception of discourse. The second area covered by our team is Broadcast Talk and Media Language that we examine from a systematic point of view of, inter alia, in-depth analyses media and audience practices and interactions. Using conversation and discourse analysis, we look in both synchronic and diachronic way at dynamics of media practices as changing forms of interaction and participation that evolve across both traditional and new/social media. Within both of our areas of research we focus on the analysis of both traditional and online/social media as well as on the analysis of communication in contemporary politics and society.

Research interests of individual members of the Discourse, Communication & Media (DCM) team include:

Dr. Helen Andersson 
Helen Andersson’s research focuses on food communication, mainly in relation to brand communication and crisis communication. A central question is how communication about food and cooking is related to social representations of collective identities and discourses in society. The focus is on language use and meaning making in text and images. Andersson's research is based on qualitative methods and critical discourse analysis.   

Petre Breazu
Petre Breazu is currently a PhD candidate in Media and Communication. His thesis addresses the multimodal representation of the Romany in European Media. Petre is particularly interested in how events and social practices are recontextualized by means of language and visuals to achieve various communicative purposes. Other research interests include visual communication, news photography and visual ideologies.

Vladimir Cotal San Martin
Vladimir Cotal San Martin works on his PhD thesis in which he analyses the emergence of global journalism from a critical and discourse theoretical perspective, focusing on representations of working class working conditions in traditional and independent media as well as in social media. His research interests also include global media and transformations, media and globalization, global journalism, world news, critical theory, and critical discourse analysis.

Dr. Mattias Ekman
Mattias Ekman is currently heading a research project, funded by The Swedish Research Council, on “Interactive racism” together with Prof. Michal Krzyzanowski. The project analyses how racism is discursively produced, shaped and distributed in dialogic interaction between online publics, media actors and political actors. Ekman’s research has been focused on the relation between political mobilization and social media, with a particular interest in right-wing extremism and populism. Ekman is also studying politicians' strategic use of social media, with a focus on the changing communicative dynamics between journalism and politics.

Prof. Göran Eriksson
Göran Eriksson’s research centres how food, cooking and meal experiences are communicated in different media contexts, but is also concerned with how authorities communicate advice related to healthy eating. In these he mainly studies multimodal representations of such communication and how these are related to social representations of collective identities and discourses in society.

Dr. Ahmed El Gody
Ahmed El Gody focuses in his work on journalism and social transformation, journalism convergence, network journalism, audience identity in news production, online and digital media production (technology and content), the role of media (especially social media) in democratic participation, and global journalism with focus on the middle east and global south.

Prof. Åsa Kroon
Åsa Kroon works on media discourse, broadcast talk and interaction, gender studies and new media. She currently leads an RJ project on “Post-television practices” looking at web TV as a new way of communicating with audiences. Within her research, she studies communicative practices that arise in the web context with its altered conditions for production and reception compared to ‘old’ print media and traditional broadcasting.

Prof. Michał Krzyżanowski (Head of Team)
Michał Krzyżanowski works on Critical Discourse Studies of social, political and organizational change in contemporary Europe with a focus on right-wing populist politics, immigration-related discourses and online/social media. His work is interdisciplinary and contributes to applied and critical text and discourse analysis, communication and media studies, political sociology, critical organizational studies and European integration research. Michał is Executive Editor of the international Journal of Language and Politics and on the board of various journals in linguistics, social sciences and discourse studies. He also co-edits international Book Series Bloomsbury Advances in Critical Discourse Studies.

Prof. David Machin
David Machin researches in the area of Critical Discourse Studies, particularly with an interest in Multimodal discourse analysis. His interests include multimodality of visual design including web, magazine and newspaper composition and TV set design. He also works on sound as communication. He is co-editor of the international peer reviewed journals Social Semiotics and Journal of Language of Politics and on the board of several international CDS oriented journals. He also co-edits international Book Series Bloomsbury Advances in Critical Discourse Studies.  

Dr. Joel Rasmussen
Joel Rasmussen works on discourse theory and analysis, particularly in the areas of strategic communication, organizational communication and representations of mental health. His work focuses on shifting politics of responsibility and constructions thereof via discourses on risk, health, and safety management. Joel also conducts research about crisis communication and social media. 

Dr. Johanna Stenersen
Johanna Stenersen’s research explores the relation between media, communication and civic participation, focusing on discourses, representations and practices of citizenship and how these are linked to citizen empowerment. She is interested in the changing nature of "development" as well as of cultural and political identities. Her research also spans organizational analysis and issues such as corporate social responsibility or new trends in organizational communication and management such as employer/employee branding or sustainability. 


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