Welcome to the CVS hybrid lunchtime webinar/seminar series on Violence Studies 2020-2021!

The violence seminar series at Örebro University brings together researchers from across multiple disciplines to engage in research on critical studies on violence in society, in a wide variety of local, national and trans/international contexts, through a range of research projects, and throughout doctoral, postdoctoral, and professorial levels.

The seminar is held as a lunch seminar the last Friday every month, at 12:15-13:00 on CVS Teams.


2 December L126 and Teams
Roundtable on violence
Introduction by CVS core

28 January, Teams
Theorising violence
Jeff Hearn, Senior Professor, Gender Studies, Örebro University, Professor Emeritus, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
Sofia Strid, Senior Lecturer, Gender Studies, Örebro University

26 February, Teams
Violence risk management
Susanne Strand, Associate Professor, Criminology, Örebro University
Subtypes of partner violent men: Risk factors and recidivism
Joakim Petersson, Lecturer, Criminology, Örebro University

PowerPoint Presentations:
CVS 260221 Strand (PDF)
CVS 260221 Petersson (PDF)

26 March, Teams
Environmental and slow violence
Dag Balkmar, Associate Professor, Gender Studies, Örebro University
Våld i nära relationer mot personer med intellektuella och kognitiva funktionshinder
Sofie Adaszak, MSc Occupational Health, Adjunct Lecturer

28 April, Teams
Young people, victimization, and support
Sara Thunberg, Lecturer, Social Work
Theorizing and Measuring Violence Against Trans* in the EU
Zara Saeidzadeh, Lecturer, Gender Studies

28 May, Teams
Sport and violence: Gendered violence in women’s gymnastics.
Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Associate Professor, Sports Science, Örebro University
Sport and violence: Swedish, male ice hockey and the reputation of machoism 
Daniel Alsarve, post doc researcher, Sports Science, Örebro University

18 June, Östra mark, ORU
Roundtable on violence
All CVS members, roundtable addressing violence in our research
Future publication

The Violence Seminar is organised by the Centre for Violence Studies at Örebro University. To register, and receive invitations and links to upcoming seminars, please contact CVS Research Coordinator Emma Källvik, This is an email address