Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 1999

1999: 16 Greve, J.: Typological Matching as a Link Between Interaction and Configuration. 21pp.

1999: 15 Gajda, J. B., and Gustafson, C-H.: The Impacts of Excessive Wage Increase: A Simulation Study Based on Swedish Data. 17pp.

1999: 14 Englund, H.: The Puzzling Question of Doing a Puzzle- Using a Systems View to Understand How Financial Analysts Use Information When Making Stock Recommendations. 10pp.

1999: 13 Ågerfalk, P. J., Goldkuhl, G., and Cronholm, S.: Information Systems Actability Engineering-lntegrating Analysis of Business Processes and Usability Requirements. 2Opp.

1999: 12 Hedström, K.: Researchers and practitioners- A study about consultants' use of research-based knowledge. 5pp.

1999: 11 Hedström, K.: Reducing the Gap - Consultants and Researchers in Cooperation. 13pp.

1999: 10 Ågerfalk, P. J.: Encapsulation or Availability: On the Combination of Objects and Relations in Systems Development. 16 pp.

1999: 9 Prenkert, F.: Emergent Properties of Interorganizational Business Relationships: An Exploratory Cage Study of Swedish SMEs. 17 pp.

1999: 8 Hatemi-J, A., and Irandoust, M.: Modeling the Demand for Money in Sweden: A Cointegration Approach. 13 pp.

1999: 7 Gajda, J. B., and Gustafson, C-H.: EMIL: An Econometric Macro-Model of Sweden. 25 pp.

1999: 6 Ågerfalk, P.J., and Åhlgren, K.: Modelling the Rationale of Methods. 14 pp.

1999: 5 Engelbertsson, B.: Sparbankshistorisk Dag på Örebro Slott Tisdagen den 15 September 1998. 39 pp.

1999: 4 Hatemi-J, A., and Irandoust, M.: Does Any Long-Run Relation Exist Between the Terms of Trade and the Trade Balance? 14 pp.

1999: 3 Hatemi-J, A., and Irandoust, M.: Time-Series Support for Traditional Import Demand Behavior: Evidence from Sweden. 14 pp.

1999: 2 Ågerfalk, P.J., and Goldkuhl, G.: Elicitation and Analysis of Actability Requirements. 13 pp.

1999: 1 Hedström, K.: Planning and Implementing PBL in Informatics. 15 pp.