Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 2000

2000: 7 Ericsson, F., and Avdic, A.: Information technology and knowledge acquisition in manufacturing companies. 13pp.

2000: 6 Antelius, J., and Lundberg, L.: Competition, Market Structure and Job Turnover. 27pp.

2000: 5 Ågerfalk, P. J., Oscarson, P., and Petersson, J.: The Ability to Act Secure- A key Success Factor for Local Internet-Based Marketplaces. 13pp.

2000: 4 Wallgren, E.: Confidence Limits for a Generalized Cpk Index from an MA(l) Process. 17pp.

2000: 3 Karlsson, N., and Holmberg, A.: The Effect of Age on Fecundability- A GAM- Approach. lOpp.

2000: 2 Holmberg, A.: A Finite Population Bootstrap Method for ?ps Sampling Designs. 13pp.

2000: 1 Andersson, L., Gustafsson, O., and Lundberg, L.: Structural Change, Competition and Job Turnover in the Swedish Manufacturing Industry 1964-96. 28pp.