Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 2006

2006:9 Svensson Mikael: Economic Upturns are Good for Your Heart but Watch out for Accidents 18 pp (pdf)

2006:8 Svensson Mikael: Don't Go Breaking Your Heart: Do Economic Upturns Really Increase Heart Attack Mortality? 21 pp (pdf)

2006:7 Svensson, Mikael and Henrik Andersson, 'Cognitive Ability and Scale Bias in the Contingent Valuation Method - An Analysis of Willingness to Pay to Reduce Mortality Risks', Environmental and Resource Economics, 39: 481-495.

2006:6 Svensson, M., (2009), The value of a statistical life in Sweden: Estimates from two studies using the "Certainty Approach" calibration, Accident Analysis & Prevention, Vol 41(3): 430-437.

2006:5 Tångdahl Sara: On the evaluation of the cost efficiency of nonresponse rate reduction efforts - some general considerations. 31 pp

2006:4 Ängsved Marianne: Estimating the finite population total under frame imperfections and nonresponse. 55 pp (pdf)

2006:3 Svantesson Elisabeth, Aranki Ted: Do Introduction Programs Affect the Probability of Immigrants getting Work? 25 pp (pdf)

2006:2 Svantesson Elisabeth: Determinants of Immigrants' Early Labor Market Integration 35 pp (pdf)

2006:1 Andreas Poldahl: The two faces of R&D: Does firm absorptive capacity matter? 26 pp. (pdf)