Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet

Working papers 2010

2010: 1 Andrén, Daniela: "In every rank, or great or small, 'Tis industry supports us all": Romanians and ethnic Hungarians, and their wages, in transition.

2010: 2 Andersson, Henrik & Svensson, Mikael: "Scale sensitivity and question order in the contingent valuation method"

2010:3 Lodefalk, Magnus: "Servicification of Manufacturing - Evidence from Swedish Firm and Enterprise Group Level Data"

2010:4 Sund, Björn: "The value of a statistical life for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims"

2010:5 Bohlin, Lars: "Taxing Intermediate Goods to Compensate for Distorting Taxes on Household Consumption"

2010:6 Bohlin, Lars: "SAINT – a Standardized CGE-model for Analysis of Indirect Taxation"

2010:7 Persson, Mattias & Svensson, Mikael: "Evidence of Class-size Effects on Bullying in Swedish Schools"

2010:8 Andrén, Daniela & Granlund, David: ""Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop": Waiting for Health Care and Duration of Sick Leave"

2010:9 Levin, Jörgen: "Poverty Impact of Rising Maize Prices in Kenya"

2010:10 Bokenblom, Mattias & Ekblad, Kristin: "Working Conditions, Absence and Gender - a Multilevel Study"

2010:11 Bokenblom, Mattias & Ekblad, Kristin: "Sickness Absence and Local Cultures"

2010:12 Eliasson, Kent, Hansson, Pär, Lindvert, Markus: "Jobs and Exposure to International Trade within the Service Sector in Sweden"

2010:13 Sund, Björn, Svensson, Leif, Rosenqvist, Mårten, Hollenberg, Jacob: "Favourable Cost-benefit in an Early Defibrillation Program Using Dual Dispatch of Ambulance and Fire Services in Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest"

2010:14 Hultkrantz, Lars & Svensson, Mikael: "The Economic Value of Preventing Fatalities: Recent evidence on the value of a statistical life in Sweden"

2010:16 Persson, Mattias & Svensson, Mikael: "Willingness to Pay to Reduce School Bullying"

2010:17 Andrén, Daniela: "Part-time Sick Leave as a Treatment for Individuals with Mental Disorders?"